Why Love & Lend

Okay so hypothetical situation...

You have an event coming up, and you really don't want to go, because you're stressing out about the lack of options your wardrobe is providing you.

Sis, you’re preaching to the choir!

We have been in this position too many times. We can't remember how many times and how much money we have spent trying to find an outfit that not only fits, but flatters our bodies! Not to mention only being able to wear it once, because society tells us that outfit repeating is a crime. 

Well that's over now, Love & Lend are here! We are your new favourite rental boutique. A place where you can rent garments for upcoming events without breaking the bank account! We cater to wāhine sizes 12 - 26, because everyone deserves to look and feel GREAT.

By supporting Love & Lend, you are supporting a VISION. You are supporting a SISTERHOOD of wāhine toa, you are empowering BODY POSITIVE korero and together we are making the world a better place.