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Lift & Hold Adhesive Bra - Mocha

Lift & Hold Adhesive Bra - Mocha

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Ready to expand your wardrobe?! Shop with confidence and convenience with Everyboobi. We're providing you with bra-less solutions to allow you to wear whatever you want with out the restrictions of a bra. 

Model 1   has used the Lift & Hold Adhesive Bra to suit a one shoulder dress.

Model 2 is a size 18G and is wearing our size E+ Adhesive Bra in Beige. 

Model 3 is a size 12DD and is wearing our size C-D Adhesive Bra in Beige.

About our Lift & Hold Adhesive Bra

3 pairs single use bras

Comes in 3 sizes: A-B, C-D, E+

Available in Beige & Mocha

Cut to any shape for any garment

What am I made of?

95% Cotton

5% Spandex

Hypoallergenic & Latex Free

Medical Grade Adhesive

How to

We ask that you follow the HOW TO EVERYBOOBI steps to enhance your experience and get the best wear out of the tape. This guide will also help you to avoid skin discomfort and skin damage, as the skin around your chest area is naturally more sensitive.


  1. Apply to sunburned skin, irritated or sensitive skin
  2. Wear two days in a row
  3. Wear longer than 6 hours
  4. Use if you have eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions
  5. Use if you have reactions to other bandaids or tapes
  6. Use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Test a small patch of tape for 8 hours on clean skin. If you have a reaction during this period, please stop using the tape immediately.

Before tape application, apply Everyboobi nipple covers for protection.

Put on your desired outfit and get a feel for where the Adhesive Bra needs to be.

Trim each Adhesive Bra before applying.

Peel bottom half of Adhesive Bra backing. Stick exposed tape to the bottom of the breast.

While lifting your breast with one hand, use your free hand to peel back the remainder of the tape backing and smooth down. Make sure the breast is always lifted during this step.

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